Shandong Lubei Enterprise Group General Company is located in the south of Bohai Bay and in the Yellow River delta efficient ecological economic zone and the superposition of Shandong peninsula blue economic zone, and the tianjin binhai new area, cangzhou bohai new area is to the north,east of Binzhou BeiHai Sea new area. It is across a variety of industries such as the chemical industry, building materials, electric power, light industry and nonferrous metals whose annual sales revenue of 10 billion yuan, ranking to China top 500 of chemical enterprises, China top 100 of chemical fertilizers with 5000 employees and 22 billion yuan of fixed assets.

    The holding company is Shandong Lubei Enterprise Group General Company and the wholly owned subsidiary mainly include Shandong Lubei Marine Biotechnology Co, Ltd, Shandong Wudi Chemical Construction and Installation Co., Ltd, Wudi Haichuan Installation Co., Ltd and Wudi Seaside Hotel and the  caparterships are Datang Lubei Power Generation Co., LTD and Shandong Hualan Chemical Co., LTD. It has an production ability of an annual output of 1 million tons aluminum oxide, 0.21 million tons of titanium dioxide, 1 million tons compound fertilizer, 0.3 million tons of ammonium phosphate, 0.4million tons of sulphuric acid, 0.6million tons of cement, 1 million tons of crude salt ,10000 tons of bromide, 200 MV power generation and 600 t/h heating scale. It is the largest ammonium phosphate, sulfuric acid and cement joint production enterprises in the world at present.
    The company has a lot of scientific research institution such as high chemistry decomposition and comprehensive utilization of the national petroleum and chemical industry engineering research center, national cycle research and education base, post-doctoral scientific research workstation, academician workstation, Shandong Lubei Chemical Building Materials Design Institute, and the technology center of the company which has got more than 100 major scientific and technological achievements, and over 20 national invention patents. The technology of  Sulfuric acid combined with phosphorus gypsum cement which has the independent intellectual property rights won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress, lubei ecological industrial model research environmental protection science and technology achievements in China, the first prize of China petroleum and chemical industry association of science and technology progress award, science and technology progress prize of shandong province and shandong provincial party committee, provincial government science and technology prize.
    The company has been committed to the development of ecological, low-carbon, circular economy industry cluster and created many ecological industry chains such as the linan sulfate cement all-round, comprehensive utilization of the water cascade, saline aluminum electric power plant and the titanium white waste comprehensive utilization which has been the leader of circular economy development in China . Identified as the typical of China's ecological industry by the UNEP, the company is the  first batch of environmental friendly enterprise and the first batch of circular economy pilot units in China. The country supports the construction of China lubei ecological industrial demonstration park and lubei Marine science and technology industry base depends on our company. In the future, the group will build China's titanium industry base, Marine science and technology industrial base, high-end chemicals aluminum industrial base and comprehensive utilization of industrial waste center to expand the lubei ecological circular economy industrial chain and build famous ecological industrial park in the world.

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